Frequently Asked Questions

What is Northwest Funeral Alternative, Inc?
NWFA Inc. is a not for profit organization that was formed to provide low cost final arrangements for a deceased person. It is governed by a volunteer board of directors, and has licensed staff to assist with a deceased person and their loved ones final wishes.

What is the difference between NWFA, Inc and a funeral home?
NWFA Inc is a licensed transfer service, it may not do embalming, cosmetic restoration and does not provide services such as limousines, viewing facilities nor does it assist with services such as memorial services. It will bring cremated remains, to a place where a memorial service is held, provide guest books, and donation envelopes, pens etc. It can also remove the cremated remains back to our facility if the family wishes that to be done.

What is included in a basic service?
Basic service description.

Do I need to be a member of NWFA, Inc to use their services?
No, a membership is not needed, however it is encouraged for peace of mind and to assist your family with the final arrangements.

What does a membership entitle me to?
A membership in NWFA Inc allows one to pre-pay their final arrangements. It also gives one the opportunity to attend and vote at the Annual General meeting of the corporation. You also will receive forms to fill out stating what your directions are for your final arrangements. This form is returned to NWFA Inc. and kept on file by NWFA Inc.

How do I prepay my final arrangements?
After taking out a membership an appointment is made with one of our licensed staff who will prepare a contract with you outlining your payment preference. Once a deposit is made your pre-paid account is opened. You can either pay the amount in full or make payments of any amount, any time you wish, there is no set payment schedule.

What if I change my mind and want to use a full service funeral home after I have pre paid my arrangements with NWFA Inc?
You may request a refund that will be given to you with interest, minus a handling fee. This is included in the terms of the pre-paid contract.

Do cremated remains have to be buried in a cemetery?
The Cemeteries Act of Ontario and municipal by laws govern the disposal of cremated remains.

What if I want a burial, does NWFA Inc. handle that?
Yes burials can be handled by NWFA Inc.

What if I want a memorial service or celebration of my life, does it have to be in a church?
Your executor/executrix may carry out your directions for a memorial service. It can be held wherever you and the executor/executrix choose.

Will NWFA Inc. help me or my executor/executrix plan a memorial service?
NWFA Inc. cannot help plan a memorial service. NWFA can however transport the cremated remains guest book, and donation cards to the place where a memorial service is to be held. NWFA may also if directed by executor/executrix return the cremated remains to the NWFA Inc office for storage until the executor/executrix have arranged for final placement.

If I am a member of NWFA Inc. and I die outside of northwestern Ontario, will NWFA Inc still be able to handle my final arrangements?
NFWA Inc can make arrangements with another transfer service or funeral home in the location where death occurred. Transportation of the remains to a location within northwestern Ontario could then be arranged by NWFA Inc.

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