Basic Service List

  • A meeting with the family to assist & advise on arrangements
  • Completion and delivery of necessary legal papers required for cremation or burial (death registration. cremation certificate etc)
  • Removal of deceased from place of death and transportation to cemetery or crematorium
  • Assist in composition of an obituary
  • Notify Old Age Security and Canada Pension and provide applications for death and survivor's benefits
  • Set up for a memorial service (bring urn, register book and donation cards and pick up urn for storage after service if desired additional charges may apply)
  • Provide Death Certificates and acknowledgement cards to family

What happens in the arrangement office after a death occurs?

When we are notified of a death, an appointment is set up for the family members (usually the executor) to come in for the arrangement meeting.

During this meeting, when it is determined whether cremation or burial is desired, we explain the necessary paperwork to the family and have them sign where necessary. A contract is drawn up, and the fees charged are also explained. We do not require a deposit or any payment at this time. If the family so desires, we will assist in the composition of an obituary notice. The actual cost to run the newspaper notice is not included in our fee.

If an urn is desired, the family may choose one at this time, although it isn't always necessary to purchase one (the cremated remains can be kept in the plastic container that is provided free of charge by the crematorium).

We offer three types of containers for disposition - a simple fiberboard container (usually used for cremation) an unfinished pine container and a reasonably priced finished hardwood casket. As well, we have a nice selection of urns ranging from wood and marble to bronze and brass as well as keepsake urns and locally made urns. We also offer register books, acknowledgement cards and bookmarks laminated with your loved one's obituary on one side and a selection of poems on the other.

What do we take care of:

We complete and obtain all of the required paperwork regarding burial or cremation. Ten Death Certificates are provided by us once the final disposition has occurred (this is usually 1 -2 days after the arrangement meeting). Northwest notifies Old Age Security and Canada Pension of the death and the application forms for the death/survivor benefits can be picked up from us at the same time as the Death Certificates.

Any insurance companies, banks or other pensions must be notified by the family and they usually require a Death Certificate. If more than ten are needed, we will provide them for you free of charge.


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