Dealing with a Transfer Service in lieu of a Funeral Home.

Northwest Funeral Alternative is a Transfer Service licensed by the Board of Funeral Services. We offer simple, dignified final arrangements to those families that choose direct cremation or burial and do not wish to have a visitation or viewing of the deceased. This doesn't mean that the family can't have a memorial service or celebration of life, they just can't have the deceased present. They can, however, have the cremated remains present.

How can Northwest help?

As a Transfer Service, we cannot make arrangements for or be present at a memorial service. We can, however simplify things for your family by bringing the urn, guest book and donation envelopes to the church before the service starts. If desired, we can also set up any pictures or floral arrangements in the church or hall.

After the service, Northwest can collect the urn so it can be safely held at our establishment until the family is ready to have an interment. If interment in a local cemetery is desired, we can contact the cemetery to arrange for the burial as well as transport the paperwork and urn to the location. If any clergy is desired, the family must make the arrangements for he/she to attend.

What are the restrictions of a Transfer Service

As a Transfer Service, Northwest cannot:

  • Embalm, dress or cosmetically restore the deceased
  • Hold a body viewing or visitation service
  • Transport the deceased to a church for a service
  • Make direct arrangements for a memorial service with the church or clergy
  • Be present during a service
  • Northwest does not have a facility that can be used for a service. A church, hall, legion or hotel is recommended.

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